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Version 2.0 Two Monkeys Jerseys. 

Are created from a higher coverage matte finish lycra fabric featuring Air-Tec fabric on the side panels for breathability and comfort. The version 2 will also feature longer sleeves

The Urban Jungle Kit 

Traditional cycling was viewed as powering through to the top of the hill but modern times have changed that and now cycling has been made a part of everyday life as a mainstay in transport. There are a large group of people who cycle daily next to bricks and mortar, the skyscrapers… the urban jungle. Darwin’s theory stated that each animal is a by-product of evolution, a product of a prototype before it. Here at Two Monkeys, we believe that evolution is key to success. As a cyclist, you evolve to beat your personal best. Survival of the fittest came down to who could adapt the quickest to stay on top of the food chain. Millions of years have passed; we now populate cities on top of the very same food chain, but deep down inside… We’re all animals Each rider has their own personality, own style, and their own inner animal instinct. This is the urban jungle


All of our jerseys feature Air-Tec fabric technology suitable for long/short distance cycling. The Air-Tec fabric is lightweight and soft, creating a second skin for the wearer as we know comfort is essential. Our breathable jersey design helps to keep you cool, while also allowing sweat to escape. Our jerseys are print pressed, using the best sublimation technology and imported ink from Italy, making our jerseys safe and eco-friendly. 

Our jerseys feature a three pocket design, with end sloping pockets to allow easy access when reaching while riding. Our pockets are designed larger than standard size, allowing you to pack all your ride essentials comfortably. We have added reflective strips on the side pockets to ensure safety when night riding. 

The elastic gripper hem keeps your jersey in place while riding and stops the jersey from sliding up, and full-length front zip allows for easy adjustment while riding
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