Speedplay SPEEDPLAY Tool Grease Gun with 3oz Cartridge

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Speedplay pedals are our best sellers by a huge margin. We're sure that the sales are driven by the design, and those of us that ride Speedplays know exactly why this is the case. Their performance is second only to their simplicity.

But like anything else in this world, if you want it to last, you'll need to do a bit of maintenance. The Speedplay Grease Gun is specifically designed to make re-lubing the spindle bearings an easy task. It's a small bodied grease gun that takes a cartridge (it comes with a 3oz tube of Sta-Lube Marine Grease) that gets housed inside the grease gun handle. It has a needle tip to allow direct grease injection in X, Zero, Light Action, and Frog pedals. For older X/1 and X/2 pedals, you'll need to install current dust caps with the provision for the needle tip. For all Speedplay pedals, you'll just pump in fresh grease, purging the body of gunky, dirty grease until you see fresh stuff come out the other side. Simply wipe off the excess and you'll be ready for the ride.


  • Works with all Speedplay pedals
  • Direct injection for X, Zero, Light Action, and Frog pedals
  • New dust caps needed for X/1 and X/2 pedal injection
  • Includes lube
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