SHIMANO Shimano-RC9 Bicycle Shoes BLACK 45.0

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Shimano brings Boa dials to their top-of-the-line S-Phyre RC9 Road Shoes to take the fit, the comfort, the power, to the next level. That’s why it’s the choice of Shimano-sponsored pro riders.

This shoe takes Velcro completely out of the picture thanks to innovative placement of the Boa IP1 dial and laces. The dials turn one way to tighten, the other to loosen, and can be pulled up for a complete release of lace tension. The foot is held in place by an IP1 lace that is on the overlapping strap rather than the shoe. The forefoot is held in place by an IP1 lace that starts midfoot and wraps around the forefoot. This wrapping allows for great customization of the fit. Those with narrower feet will wants to run an extra segment of lace between the two anchors for greater material pull. Those with wider feet will not need the extra lacing, but might want it if they like feeling super-snug in their shoes.

The upper wrapping your foot is perforated Teijin Avail synthetic leather. It’s soft, breathable, and doesn’t stretch. The Avail is lined with a non-absorbent 3D mesh, which helps with air transpiration and doesn’t absorb moisture. Helping lock your heel in places is a heel cup which starts below the carbon-fiber sole and wraps over the sole and around your foot-once your foot is in place, the cup design limits stretch thanks to this unique wrapping system.

That sole is carbon-fiber, of course, and is rated by Shimano as a 12-the stiffest sole in their shoe line. While you can’t see it from the outside, Shimano removed the lasting board from the design. In terms of function, it doesn’t hurt the shoe at all: it helps reduce weight to 232g per shoe, and reduces stack height by 3.2mm  As is Shimano’s want, there are drainage ports in the sole. And, in a departure for Shimano, the heel pad is replaceable. A nice plus.

As you’d expect from a shoe of this level, there are cleat placement lines. Shimano also added flexibility to cleat placement by allowing the three-bolt plate to move fore-aft by 11mm, allowing those who like extreme cleat positions room for the adjustments they want.

The shoes come packaged with a shoe bag. Also in the box are insoles with adjustable arch support-you can either run the insole without the support if you like a flat insole, medium arch, or high arch. They’ve even designed Shimano socks to work with the shoe, and a pair is included as well.

The Shimano S-Phyre RC9 Road Shoes bring pro comfort, pro power to the table. You supply the legs.

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