SHIMANO Shimano Dura-Ace BR-R9100 Brake Rear

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The Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 brakes have been developed to offer greater clearance for tyres up to 28c while maintaining the aerodynamic advantage of Shimano's previous editions. Other improvements are that these calipers are now up to 43% stiffer than previous Dura-Ace brakes and offer a linear braking curve for improved feel and function. To improve aerodynamics, the quick release arm tucks in towards the main body when closed.
• Series: DURA-ACE
• Type: dual pivot side pull brake
• Material: Aluminium, anodized
• Brake Pad Cartridge
• Tyre Guide Bumpers
• Adjustable Pad Angle Adjust
• Adjustable Spring Tension
• Titanium Cable Anchor Bolt
• Titanium Pivot Bolt
• Tyre Size (max.): 28c
• Rim Size: 20.8 - 28 mm
• The best balance between rigidity, weight and stopping power
• More predictable, linear braking curve
• Clear contact feeling with better linearity
• Stabilizer added between axles work
• Sleek design
• Less gap between each arms
• Comfortable riding with wider tyre on rough road
• Better clearance with wider tyre
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