QUAD LOCK Iphone X Kit

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Quadlock Bike Kit iPhone X Mount

The strongest, lightest and most secure handlebar phone mounting system available. "Quad Lock" refers to the locking system shown on the back of the case with the four points. There's a small bracket that attaches to the handlebar and the case then clicks in and out of the bracket. 

Another major benefit is that the case isn't bulky, so you can just use it as your normal phone case - no worries! Then when you jump on the bike to head home, simply click it on and you have easy access to music, maps, phone calls - whatever! 

The Bike Mount Pro (the bracket bit) mounts to handlebar tubes of 25-40mm diameter. If you have wider handlebars, you will just need a zip tie to attach, but still totally workable. 

Included in the package is what Quad Lock call a "Poncho." Really it's just a cute name for a rain-proof slip that you can put on your phone if the weather isn't tip-top for your ride. However, the Poncho is also good for protecting your phone against other elements too like mud and sweat and debris. The Poncho does restrict some use of the touchscreen and means that you cannot use the home button while attached, but it's guaranteed to keep your phone safe from potential threats. 

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