QUAD LOCK Bike Kit iPhone 6/6S PLUS

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The Quad Lock iPhone 6 PLUS/6S PLUS Bike Kit has everything you need to keep you connected whilst out on your bike. Quad Lock products are the best in the market and are known for their light weight, durability and security features. The kit combines all the best; simply Twist Lock & Go. Staying connected has never been easier. 


Mounting Hardware

  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (small) 
  • 2 x EPDM mounting o-rings (large) 
  • 2 x Nylon zipties


  • Compatible with all Quad Lock Mounts
  • Slim and Protective iPhone 6/6S Plus case
  • Bike Mount Pro can mount on both Stem or Handlebars
  • Bike Mount Pro suits tube diameters ranging from 25-40mm in diameter. Larger tubes size can be used with longer zipties.
  • Includes weather resistant Poncho to protect from Rain, Dust, Sweat and Mud.

*Note: If you are using a thick screen protector on your phone with the poncho, this may affect the touch screen ability.


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