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Take Flight 1903

Designer: Two Monkeys Cycling

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The Take Flight 1903

When designing this jersey we were inspired by the Wright brothers who didn't give up on their mission of creating their first powered engine. The brothers first began their experimentation in flight in their bicycle shop. Of course, they made mistakes along the way, however their mentality was always to never to give up. We can relate this to cycling, there is always that hill you want to concur, or the feeling of needing to beat your last time. The Wright brothers achieved great things together. For us the best feeling is being able to share your experiences with someone that can encourage you and push you to be even better. We know there are already cycling jerseys out there with patterns. However we wanted a reason to have a pattern. If you look closely you will notice in a square 1903, which is the year that Wilbur Wright piloted the record flight lasting 59 seconds in North Carolina. The Take Flight jersey will have the option of either 19 or 03 on the back of the jersey. The inspiration of the 2 numbers came from the idea of folding a paper plane, having a number on either side of the centre fold. When wearing the Take Flight jersey you will take flight, just as the Wright brothers did, side by side.


All of our jerseys feature Air-Tec fabric technology suitable for long/short distance cycling. The Air-Tec fabric is light weight and soft, creating a second skin for the wearer as we know comfort is essential. Our breathable jersey design helps to keep you cool, while also allowing sweat to escape. Our jerseys are print pressed, using the best sublimation technology and imported ink from Italy, making our jerseys safe and eco-friendley. 

Our jerseys feature a three pocket design, with end sloping pockets to allow easy access when reaching while riding. Our pockets are designed larger than standard size, allowing you to pack all your ride essentials comfortably. In addition there is also a waterproof pocket in the middle, perfect for your phone. We have added reflective strips on the side pockets to ensure safety when night riding. 

The elastic gripper hem keeps your jersey in place while riding and stops the jersey from sliding up, and full length front zip allows for easy adjustment while riding

Our knicks are created with imported Italian chamois, created for great performance and maximum comfort. Featuring triple density chamois protection, with the combination of a heart shape zone our chamois provides superior comfort and offers a great fit for riders. 

Our knicks are created using only the best imported Italian lycra and usingElas-tec Knick braces Technology. This fabric technology used allows the braces to be thin and unbreakable, feeling comfortable on the skin and providing extra comfort and support. Featuring a longer hem length and thin elastic silicon hem with a laser-cut end our knicks will hold comfortably on the legs.

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