ENVE Enve SES 4.5 Carbon Clincher Wheelset #P

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With the all-new SES 4.5 Carbon Road Wheelset, ENVE effectively accomplishes two things. First, it smooths the transition from climbing efficiency to speed across the flats; second — and more importantly — it offers what may be the single best all-around wheel in the world.

As the ultimate everyday carbon fibre cycling wheelset, the 4.5’s are designed for road cyclists and triathletes looking to minimize the trade-off between aerodynamics, lightweight and stability.

Updated technology is the new Generation 2 brake track. This insane update offers 30% stronger stopping power, incredible control, and the ability to retain 95% of its braking power when being used in wet and chaotic conditions.

Engineered for optimum performance, the 4.5’s differing rim depths for the front and rear means that drag is drastically decreased, with a focus on increased stability up front and aerodynamic gains in the rear. Because of this, you have a wheelset that handle gusts and crosswinds with the confidence and stability of a wheel half its depth.

With DT Swiss 240 hubs and a construction of pure carbon fibre routed around each hole for strength rigidity and a lighter rim, these are an incredibly diverse and dynamic wheelset. In fact, if you had to own just one wheelset for the rest of time, these may just be it.
• Rim Material: Carbon Fibre
• Wheel Size: 700c
• Tyre Type: Clincher
• Rim Depth: [front] 48mm, [rear] 56mm
• Rim Width: (internal) [front] 18.5mm, [rear] 17mm
• Rim Width: (external) [front] 27mm, [rear] 25.5mm
• ERD: 563/545
• Hubs: DT Swiss 240
• Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite
• Spoke Count: 20/24
• Claimed Weight: 1526g
• Rim Weight: 469g / 489g
• Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years

• ENVE Carbon Brake Pad Set Black 10mm Shimano x 4
• ENVE 45mm Valve Extender Set (2) x 2
• ENVE Titanium Skewer Set 100/130
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