CRANK BROTHERS Tool F10+ Multi Tools

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Introducing the much anticipated F-Series multi-tools from Crank Brothers. If there’s one trend we’ve seen a lot of with Crank Brothers, it’s the utmost quality they put into their products, especially their tools. We’ve seen the Y, P and M Series versions, and each have brought new and wonderful designs to the table. The F Series is no different. This F10+ is similar in every way to its sister tool, the F10, however it comes with a paper-light, magnetic tool case which sticks to your tools to keep them snug. The case is also fitted with a bottle opener on its rear side so you can crack open that hard earned drink at camp after a day on the trail. The F10+ comes with all the same tools as the F10.
• Thin, Lightweight Multi-Tool
• Magnetic case
• Case provides a larger handle and extra leverage
• Thin sidebars hold 10 different tools

• 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex Keys
• T25 Tool
• Flathead Screwdriver
• Phillips Screwdriver
• Bottle Opener
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