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Paper Airplanes Kit


Designer: Two Monkeys Cycling


Two Monkeys Paper Airplanes jersey design was inspired by the enjoyment of creating something that you can take charge of yourself.

Growing up who didn't love making paper airplanes? The challenge of creating something to compete against others, to set a goal to go further and faster each time, much like the challenges you set yourself as a bike rider. 

Once you have your basic airplane you can add the extras and modifications to go faster and further. You can make it look better, and perform and function more effectively with just a few folds. On your bike a few little changes make the world of difference, and what your wear on the bike becomes more than just clothing.

Our Paper Airplane features a fun print, bright colours and brings back happy memories of carefree days and the friendly competition between mates. Who will create the fastest plane or who will hit the wall? 

Italian Fabric. Australian Design

The Paper Airplane jersey is created using Air-Tec fabric technology perfect for long and short distance cycling. The Air-Tec fabric is light weight and soft, creating a second skin for the wearer as we know comfort is essential. Our breathable jersey design helps to keep you cool, while also allowing sweat to escape. 

The Paper Airplane jersey features a three pocket design, with end sloping pockets to allow easy access when reaching while riding. Our pockets are designed larger than standard size, allowing you to pack all your ride essentials comfortably. In addition there is also a waterproof pocket in the middle, perfect for your phone. We have added reflective strips on the side pockets to ensure safety when night riding. 

The elastic gripper hem keeps your jersey in place while riding and stops the jersey from sliding up, and full length front zip allows for easy adjustment while riding

Our jerseys are print pressed, using the best sublimation technology and imported ink from Italy, making our jerseys safe and eco-friendley. 

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