Cateye CATEYE Volt 100 Front Light + Rapid Mini Rear Light

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Ultra bright, easily rechargeable via USB and offering excellent side visibility, the Cateye Volt 100 Rapid Mini Light Set is attached to the bike via a Flextight handlebar bracket and an O-Ring attachment.

The Volt 100 gets its power from an integrated Li-ion battery and emits a high, low and flash beam. Runtimes vary between 2 hours in its most powerful mode to 30 hours. Weighing a mere 65 grams, this is the perfect light for commuting and training in low light and at night.

This impressive front light is complimented by Cateye's Rapid Mini Rear Light. This is also USB rechargeable and features three LEDs with a powerful central LED. Flextight compatible, the light can also be attached to the seatpost using the O-Ring attachment.

Four modes are available. Constant, flash, rapid and pulse. Runtimes vary between 3 and 30 hours, depending on mode.

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