Cateye CATEYE Rapid X Wht USB Front Light #P

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The Rapid X beams a bright, powerful glow with incredible side visibility to get you home safely. When the battery runs low, the low battery "Auto Save" function automatically changes the light pattern from the current mode to flashing, providing an additional hour of riding safety.
• Dimension: 74.2 x 24.4 x 30.8mm
• Weight: 22.5g (with batteries)
• Light source: COB LED
• Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
• Recharge time: 2hr (USB recharge)
• Mount size: Rubber band mount (fits φ 12.0-32.0mm)
• Other: Battery auto save, Low battery indicator, Lighting mode memory

Modes and Runtimes
• High mode: 1hr
• Low mode: 5hr
• Flashing mode: 30hr
• Rapid mode: 16hr
• Pulse mode: 16hr
• Vibration mode: 8hr
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